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My newly acquired Fender Squire Vintage Modified bass 

I’m going to go ahead and do a review of this Fender Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass: 
Oh... you want details? 
I’ve mentioned before my attraction to getting a short scale bass has been due to my reoccurring rotator cuff problems which limits my arm movement. “Short scale” = less lateral arm movement = less pain = ? 
The neck is smallish. Think Jazz neck at the nut that doesn’t get much wider. Or if you’ve played a Hofner: similar. It’s a little beefier feeling than that. Which also means accessing strings on your picking hand will be narrower.  
In my later years combined with not regularly playing I’m experiencing cramping in either hand when I play “hard” and for longer periods of time so the smaller neck helps ALOT. 
Basically, VERY playable and fun. 
Tone controls are Volume - Volume - Bass boost - Overall tone. And it’s active so the boost, BOOSTS. I tend to roll that WAY back. Tone about 3/4 both volumes all the way up and I’ll back off Pbass pick up to give me more of a Jazz (Jaco) tone. I expected this to AT LEAST do this or this bass would end up on the trade bait wall. But this Jag surprisingly does a bit more. This one will get the growl tone of my 80’s Japanese Squire Jazz I love so much. 
And the harder I play it the better the growl. (Think Entwhistle or Geddy or Chris Squire solo tones) Yeah, this crazy little Squire Bass will DO IT. 
I haven’t bothered to open up the volume pot cavity to inspect... I’m sure it won’t be too impressive. Maybe it is. Too scared and don’t want to be disappointed so I won’t until I need to. 
Probably the worst thing about the bass is the actual neck finish. I suppose it’s a “satin finish” but on most Squire guitars I compare it to “accidentally getting an overspray or clear coat and then wiping it off.” Wood it ok but I don’t like the way these necks with this kind of finish ages. Eh... it’s Squire, right? You’re not SUPPOSED to worry about how a SQUIRE guitar “ages”. 
That IS the Squire thing: You get components that will last enough long enough on a guitar to learn that you need to spend “American Made” money in your NEXT bass. Translation: not built to last. 
At this point ( roughly 330 days away from my 60th birthday ) I’m not worried about “guitar aging”. It’s all eventually becoming grandkid hand me downs anyways ? 
Final say: If you can find one of these basses at a decent price (new on Amazon around $220) and WORKS (truss rod MUST work...I put a solid full turn and a half in this one to straighten it) GRAB IT! You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, lemme know. If it’s not red I’ll want it ? 
#BookOfJimmy #FenderSquire #SquireJaguarBass

Truck headaches galore ? 

Well, our Kenworth broke down again. Probably computer issues handling the emission controls.  

I think it is officially to the comparable point that if I were still touring in a band and I had to borrow or rent an amplifier and guitar once or twice a year over the last 4 years.... I think it would be time to get a new amp and guitar ... 

Tomorrow we visit a dealership.....



I thought I would go ahead and place all of my #BookOfJiimmy ramblings on Facebook and Twitter in one place. Enjoy

..."A trio of young teens, two black dudes and one white dude, came up to the door to mow our front yard for $10. I looked at them in the eye and asked, "Don't you guys know there's a race war going on right now?" They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and then mowed our front yard. 
Teenagers.....always think they know it all."? 

It should be a law that if you're going to make people wait in line at a drive thru you should have access to their wifi #BookOfJimmy

Dear #JJABRAMS and/or #JamesCameron and/or #JamesGunn: Make a movie about the Edmund Fitzgerald. You can even have The Rock and Kevin Hart AND Vin Diesel in it. Or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio should sink another ? #BookOfJimmy


Be the needle and thread when there's a hole in the pocket #BookOfJimmy Oh... and pick up any dropped change


Just a reminder to young students to practice because you never know when a Beatle will let you jam on stage in front of 1000's of people #BookOfJimmy

I've listened to Beatles songs 1000s of times. Today a handful of their brought a tear to my eye. Could've been Don Henley's thoughtful introduction to his pick of favorite Beatle songs. ( While My Guitar Gently Weeps, All Across The Universe, The Long and Winding Road, Here Comes The Sun ) Or it could've been in listening to the songs and once again admiring the talent of these 4 guys plus George Martin will more than likely not come our way again and I am grateful that they gave the world a library of over 200 songs to listen and to share for generations. 
Some are still out there and say they "don't get the Beatles" 
If you don't you're not listening. 


The most important ingredient to a major LEGO build is a strong cup of coffee #LEGO #BookOfJimmy



Buh Bye Social Media! 

Well , I’ve done it. I’ve rid myself of the burden of all social media sites. Sure you can call my website a social media site and if that’s the case, this will be the only one. I will still be posting/blogging thru the Timeslip band website and its social media platforms but that’s about it.

stay tuned....✌?

Now NO band! 

And just like that Im currently not playing and/or officially a member of any band. Trucking was down for us a couple of months I got busy hanging out once again at R&R Music and playing numerous genres or music with TIMESLIP, DAVE MUSKETT, KENNY HAVENS, and the mighty BIG DADDY CADDY. But once again "it" calls and we are out on the road. This time with our OWN truck and leasing our services to LANDSTAR. So far its been GREAT.
 Today I write this in a hotel room in Carson, CA and thats pretty much what Ive been waiting for: the ability to drive into So Cal and make a delivery or pick up AND spend time with family. Today, on our time off, before the pickup we ran around the Long Beach and Redondo Beach area with my sis Cora and her husband Ron. Also spent time rediscovering where we lived for about a year in San Pedro, CA. Our old military housing is now a barred up window low income housing project. Also visited our old Barton Hill Elementary School. Its always funny how things like your old school seemed SO much larger than they are.
In short, I can see us trying to pick up a dedicated route through here soon!

Thats all for now. This website has been down for a bit because I havent been paying attention to email notifications telling me it was about to expire. I just got it back up again and thought Id at least write some thing new in here.

oh...I should mention that Donald Trump is our President Elect now....


Well, it was inevitable. If we're not going to be out driving the rig throughout North America I was bound to land in a musical project.
the band is called TIMESLIP. A great bunch of guys headed up by singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Taylor. Here are some links to the band where you can see and hear them. I call it "All Original Age Appropriate Music"

The beauty about this band is I will get to play Congas and other percussion on songs. Ill definitely be playing bass and actually solo in a few tunes also. Vocals will be mainly backups at this time, but who knows!
Our first show together is May 21st, 2016 at SAHM's on 96th St in Fishers, IN. Hope to see you there and at any future shows.
The band knows of our truck driving and are wiling to work around our schedule of being home one week a month ( at this time) Fingers crossed everything should work out fine.
Here's to the "new band" Timeslip. We'll see where it goes from here.

We're down for a while 

"Down" meaning we're not driving. We are currently trying to purchase the truck we've been driving for ourselves and will become "official: owner operators !
That process takes around a month to do so in the meantime, Deanna diligently(stressfully) works the administration of our new venture and I have gone back to R&R Music for the month or so to keep busy. In the process I have also taken on a couple students AND a couple of gigs: My 20th and 22nd with Dave Muskett and May 21st with my buddy Mark Taylor and his band Timeslip. Please check my calendar for more details.
We're down for awhile but we'll be out inspecting the roller meat at PILOTs throughout the US soon!

First Year of Driving The Big Rig 

My First Year of Driving The Big Rig As of this writing it is April 12, 2016 and Deanna and I have been CDL holders for about a year. We have approximately 90,000 miles behind the wheel team driving. Two years ago I would have NEVER guessed that’s what we would be doing now. Practically the farthest thought in our minds. Another farthest thought would be ME without any kind of musical “job”.

My last endeavor was with Crambone and I officially quit them at the end of 2015. It just got to be too much trying to schedule shows around the driving schedule. Crambone deserves to grow and they cant do that with one member never home. They also deserve a great bass player and they have one in Michael “Oz” Osborn.

Do I miss the music thing yet? In some ways yes and in some ways no. Would I give up what we are doing now to go back to a full time music gig? Right now? No. Having WAY too much fun and seeing WAY too many beautiful places. We also see a lot of the not so beautiful places but that’s “the world.” It aint all pretty.

On a side note: I’ve noticed my ring constantly falls off my ring finger now. I don’t think Im losing weight so Im going to have to attribute it atrophy since Im not playing guitar, bass, or ukulele no where near that I have over the past 20 years or so.

Driving through Portland, Oregon today I took pictures of many “campsites” I could see along the interstate. “Homes” created by tarps and tents and plastic buckets and whatever else one may scavenge up to live in the bushes alongside a busy highway. I also noticed that the city of Portland put up wrought iron fencing underneath over passes and bridges so that no one would take up residence up in the crooks and crevices. Its life and some choose to live that way.

Some look at the way Deanna and I live now and cannot fathom themselves doing it. Once again, we did not see that either a couple years ago. Two years ago Deanna was knee and elbow deep into perfecting her garden in our backyard and looking for ways to expand and improve. Not now. Not even home enough to cut the grass let alone tend a garden. Two years ago I was involved with my King James and The Verses band in full electric and in duo or trio acoustic versions. Also there was Crambone. I was still looking for any kind of musical gear deals and tinkering, repairing, restringing the gear I had. We both had different day jobs also. Deanna was mainly at a desk helping the community at the John Boner Center and I was selling musical retail and teaching guitar, ukulele, and bass. How does any of that point to getting behind the wheel of a T660 450HP 15 speed Kenworth truck pulling a 53 foot trailer with a gross vehicle weight of often times a shade under 80,000 lbs? I supposed one piece of evidence would be that we both tend to change careers after so long. I’ve held out longer in my career choices being able to maintain basically two choices: The automotive service and retail business for 20 years and then being a professional musician for 20 years. There was some overlap but that’s about it for my work experience. Oh sure there was that year away at the Phoenix Institute of Technology where I had a handful of jobs that the school pointed me towards. I worked at a 24 hour McDonalds for about a week. Kmart for maybe a month. Evening janitorial for a few businesses for a couple weeks. And a carwash making 7 quarters an hour ( that’s $1.75/hour ) Oh, but plus tips. I did that for maybe a week. But the point here is I suppose it was time or a career change. Neither of us saw this one coming.

I’ve mentioned before that this job isn’t for everyone. There are a few reasons why it works for us:
1) We are doing it together. We’ve both had careers that kept us away from home so now was the time to have a career that put us together.
2) We both love camping and trucking is a form of camping. You have to be able to live with just the essentials due to space. We’re just not setting up camp and a tent anymore. Now our tent and camp is on wheels and our campsite is wherever we can park 75 feet of vehicle.
3) We get to bring our dog with us. This was a BIG deal. We were offered jobs from companies but they didn’t allow a pet to go with you so we really lucked out with Bulldog. Also, every so often we get to take our grandson along with us and that’s a BIG plus.

4) We get to see a large part of America.

Granted most of it is via the interstate but if you haven’t done that you need to. No amount of pictures or post cards can justify seeing Mother Nature at its finest. I think I got the “bug” for that touring with the Kelly Richey Band. Even then I thought it an added bonus to be able to drive the tour van and see things. Knowing that I could do that made it an easy decision for me to get behind the wheel of a Kenworth and do it. In the band we always joked that we didn’t get paid for performing, it was the driving and set up. Now I actually AM getting paid to drive. Its funny how sometimes I lose track of where we are. As I’ve discovered touring, people look the same everywhere you go. It’s not until they speak and you hear an accent in their speech do you realize the region you are in.

To sum it all up, we are a year into driving the big rig and see no stopping yet.

The Environmentally Conscientious Observer 

Oddly enough, the more driving around we do the more aware we become of how much we as a being are destroying the planet we live in. Any choice we make to try and correct anything will be too late for me. Probably too late for my daughter. Possibly in time for our grand son to see.
Case in point:
What do you see here?  It looks innocent enough but those dark spots in the parking areas are what I want to draw your attention to. Chances are you have one in your driveway also. 
These particular ones are in a Rest Area on the TRUCK side. There's 40 marked parking spaces. 
Would you drink the water that runs off this parking lot after it rains? Would you even put that water in your aquarium if you had one? 
The reports are out that since the 70s we have lost 50% off all living creatures in our oceans. This innocent parking lot is but one of the reasons. When this parking lot gets rained on the water drains eventually into the ocean and or other water marshes near by.
Technically every vehicle parking here is breaking a law. No vehicle whether its a passenger car or a Semi-Truck  is allowed to "leak" any fluids onto the road but water. 
This mini slick of oil and/or diesel and/or anti freeze mixture runs off into our water ways which gets to any fish or crustacean we decide to eat.....if they live. And as we now know, more than half have already died off. 
Again, I doubt anything will be done in my lifetime to fix this. Theyre not going to stop trucking. I TRUCK. I see EXACTLY how this industry pollutes. This is but one little rest stop just south of Jacksonville Florida. Florida has HUNDREDS of these rest stops. And thats not counting the Truck stops like Pilot, LOVES or TA. Those have over a hundred parking spots each.
Its both sad and scary to think that we are either destroying life in the oceans by pollution or if its alive we are eating it. What are we supposed to do, stop eating lobster. crab,salmon, tuna, sword fish etc.? What about all those reports that were supposed to eat MORE fish?
Sooner or later (hopefully LOTS later) we will run out of food in our oceans. As it is we have not slowed down creating more mouths to feed. On the contrary there are Millions of people out there that INSIST on creating more and more and yet we have no answer for how to feed everyone. I understand why we have GMO food. Its the ONLY way we can "grow" food rapidly and efficiently enough to try and accommodate the population. Yes,some GMOs cause cancer but not until later.
And if we continue to create people that are raised on GMO foods perhaps theyll develop an immunity to a GMO induced cancer. Maybe THATs what Monsanto is striving for.  

But as far as the oceans and fish go, theres the  controversy of eating "wild caught" or "farm bred" fish. I think we see where thats eventually going to be JUST farm bred. And pretty soon they wont even be able to have those farms in our oceans. Theyll have to be on land somewhere to control the water.   

When I think about all this I realize that the humans are not the most powerful beings on this planet. Are they the most intelligent? Maybe. But the way we use technology shows us that we are smart enough to create technology but we are not smart enough to use it properly. 
If it's not "God" I think there are higher beings that drop us little hints or ideas to try and help us and then we get a hold of it and go totally the wrong way with it. Like the whole cell phone technology. Possibly the greatest invention of the century but maybe it really wasnt meant to just talk and text to each other. Do we really think the cell phone was created so that we could take selfies? Im sure if it was handed down to us from a superior being they having a BIG laugh on how were using cell phones while driving and killing each other. Somewhere there is a technology God either laughing his ass off or scratching head wondering why were all idiots down here. He or she has to be wondering why every gift they give us we manage to kill each other with it. I have to wonder that as vast as our universe is, maybe Earth is the Detroit or Cleveland or Jersey of the universe and this is where they throw shit that doesnt work on other planets.

I kind of strayed from polluting the oceans but that is the question: Why do we knowingly continue to destroy the only planet we have?
Id like to think that all the wildlife in both Land and Sea will come back as soon as Humans are done with it. It we stop dumping and eating everything oin the oceans I would like to think it will eventually replenish itself. What has to happen for that to come about? 
Sadly, no more humans. We are the ONLY ones destroying the planet. We are eating ourselves out of house and home. Who else can you blame? Polar Bears? Lions? The Apes? Great White Sharks? All of those creature were here before Man. Man has only been around for a few thousand years. What do you see for man in the next 4 -10 thousand years?  A better iPhone?
Even HIGHER definition TV? 
How about safe food and water?
And back to the possibility of a higher being.... What if they never meant for any person to live beyond 40 years old? What if thats happening by accident?
Its like a big SIMS game isnt it? 


We Are Truckers! 

Greetings from “the Road”

If you havent figured it out by now, WE ARE TRUCKERS!
We are soon to be in our six month of driving the Kenworth OTR (over the road) and it is STILL a blast!

When I first let people know that I was going to get my CDL and be a truck driver I was told by one person, “Why would you want a job where everybody hates you?”

I was befuddled by that response but almost six months in to it I can see why he said that.

There are times out here where we are “greeted” at a place picking up or delivering with a sneer or a growl. I have decided that some people just do NOT like their job and take it out on whoever is in front of them at the time. Lucky us. If we’re not on time we are greeted with a snarling “Youre late” or “ Youre EARLY”. Either throws them into a tizzy. Not all, but enough of them to make you ready for  ANYTHING when you tentatively walk through a warehouse door looking for someone…anyone…that can tell you where to park your rig.

Id say about half of our pick ups or deliveries have an appointment time that read like a cable guy schedule “Sometime between 8:00AM and 5:00PM” half of those could be “hard appointments” with an actual time like  Oct. 3 2015 at 9:00AM. And they will point out to you that it DOES NOT say 8:30AM or 9:30AM and it most CERTAINLY does NOT say Oct 2nd or Oct 4th.   If you do not make it at your scheduled appointment time you may still get to dock/park your truck and trailer at a door but you’ll be told, “We will get to you when we can…”
“Well, whats the big deal? Why cant you make an appointment time?” you may ask.   Most of the time we can and things move along very smoothly. But lets imagine that your day job expects you there ready to work at 8:00AM. Easy enough. Let’s say your job is in the Pacific Northwest like Seattle, Washington. No biggie…big city…get up early for traffic. Doable. But what if you’re waking up every morning in the Atlantic Southeast like Orlando, Florida ?
Give yourself three days to get there. No problem. What could POSSIBLY happen? 
If you just draw a straight line across the map of the USA you can clearly see its going to be a breeze. Hmmm… straight interstate to Seattle from Orlando?  No problem..we”ll just plot our course across the USA zig zagging though the states.  And what does EVERY state have? A major city. And what does every major city have? Traffic. How many bumper to bumper stop and go traffic jams would like to negotiate today? You’ll be fine. Keep it Zen like and you’ll make it through.
Lets throw some other curveballs at you. And these are things you already consider in your everyday 30 minute commute to your existing job in your home town.

Hows’s my vehicle doing?

Shouldn’t worry too much about that if you have dependable transportation but how may times have you gone out to your car and the battery is dead? Or you have a flat? Or youre out of gas?
The vehicle we drive NEEDS to be driving a minimum of 2500 miles a week to make money. That’s some wear and tear and also the reason why EVERY time we start the day we do what we call a “Pre Trip Inspection”. That’s basically looking and/or touching every component of the tractor AND trailer to make sure its safe to drive. 
Im not going to even ask how many of you bother to check the air in your tires before you drive because I see all of you on the side of the road in the winter with a flat.

Just ONE of the things you should be thanking your truck driver when you see a responsible one: We try to make sure our vehicle is safe to drive so it wont kill you.

I wonder if Ill run into any traffic today?

We touched on this a bit already but its worth mentioning again because we have to consider EVERY city we are going to drive through. And for all of you Indiana fans, we have to consider if the bridges will actually be safe to drive across. 
Did you know that most bridges are designed with semi’s in mind? Not your little front wheel drive scooter cars. ANYBODY can build a bridge for those. Bridges are to be designed to handle a fully loaded (80,000 pounds) tractor and trailer. 
Whenever I comment on the state of our infrastructure in any social media, you understand my concern. A bridge going out that’s on my route and I don’t know about it until I get there can ruin my day. You know what ruins my day even more? If that bridge fails while Im on it.  
So, no biggie. Just plan a route that you don’t have to deal with any bridge. HA! Even KANSAS has bridges!
What irks me even more and fuels my bridge phobia is the question: “Who gets the contract to make a bridge?” Answer: the lowest bidder. NOT the one that wants to use all the BEST and STRONGEST material. The cheapest one. UGH.

How’s the weather?

Never mind whether or not its going to be sunny in both Seattle AND Orlando..Is it still tornado season in Oklahoma? When are the first “Northeasterns” coming?
Are trucks being blown over by gusts of wind in Wyoming? Do I have CHAINS to get OVER the Rockies? Is Florida expecting a hurricane? WILL I BE STUCK ON A BRIDGE WHEN ANY OF THIS HAPPENS?!?!?  

Speaking of rain…..
Every time you drive your car on the interstate in the rain and you pass or drive near a trucker, you owe them thanks for not running over you.  
We all know how many get a little crazy whenever it rains or snows a little bit.
You know what’s really crazy? Not making yourself MORE visible in the rain. TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON. Its not for you to see, its so everyone else can see YOU. 
One little visability test you could do is cover up you rear view mirror and drive around. Hopefully you will all realize how much you actually use it. 
We don’t have one. Couldn’t use it if we did because of the 53 foot long trailer directly behind us.
We have our side mirrors but we still have a TON of blind spots. So throw in rain or snow and the visibility decreases again.
 Also, if you’ve ever ridden in a big rig you’ll know how noisy they can be. If you’ve stood next one while its idling you can get an idea. Now just imagine that a speed. Its noisy.
In order to try and combat that noise our cabs try to be a little insulated. Loud engine plus insulated cab plus possible music playing equals I don’t hear your little tweaky horn so don’t “beep” at me, get out of the way.
Also, if you ever have the honor of riding in a truck you’ll notice it’s a bumpy ride. We feel bumps more than you do in your cars. So one of things we always do is check our mirrors to make sure we didn’t just run over you because running over a Ford Focus feels like a speed bump to us. That’s kinda funny but that should also terrify you enough to respect the 70 foot long 80000 pound vehicle driving along side of you. 

While Im on the subject of sharing the road …

Let me say here that most respectful truck drivers DO NOT weave in and out of lanes. Speaking for myself and a lot of others once we are in a lane we don’t want to get out of it unless we have to. We do not have an agenda of trying to get in front of you for fun. Believe me, I would much rather drive one lane ALL THE WAY from Orlando to Seattle. But things happen. There is a very real vacuum that happens when a truck and trailer passes by at speed. The faster its going the stronger the vacuum. So, THIS is why we are going to move to the left whenever a vehicle is disabled on the right hand shoulder. I’ve had the thrill of placing safety triangles on the shoulder of an interstate right next to trucks going by at speed. Try it some time. Make sure you lean AWAY from traffic. 

There are many times a car will be coming up along my left side and cannot see a disabled vehicle on the right shoulder but they SHOULD be able to see my turn signal and that I want/need to come over. Very rarely does anyone ever realize whats going on and they will dilly dally next to me. 
Again, if possible, I NEVER want to change lanes so if you see my signal on theres going to be a good reason for it and Im coming over. You should remember at this time if I run over you I have to SEE IT in my mirror to know its happening.

I was told by many experienced drivers that when you drive in New York City they are VERY conscious of holding up traffic like slowing down or stopping to change lanes. It has been made very clear by the local law officials that a trucker is to signal which way they are wanting to go and after it blinks once you move your truck over. If the cars next to you don’t make an adjustment its THEIR Fault.

Let me quickly address on /off ramp merging.
Usually any truck on the interstate is moving at the legal speed limit. And its constant. Chances are that truck has been at that exact cruise controlled speed for hundreds of miles. As you engage an on ramp your job is to quickly identify if you can pass the truck next to you safely or do you need to merge in behind it. THAT’S IT. There is no hoping that the truck will speed up or slow down for you. If you don’t have the horsepower ( looking right at you Prius and Smart Car drivers) you slow that over blown skateboard down and get in line. If you do have the horsepower, that long vertical pedal on the right.. THAT’S the one you step on to get in front of me. And DON’T brake when you do get in front of me.

What else?
Whats the nickname for a Semi Tractor and Trailer?  An “18 wheeler“”. EIGHTEEN
Why am I reinforcing 18? Because that means We have at least 4 times the amount of tires to worry about than most of you.  A lot of the trucks out there have recapped tires which is usually their corpses you see im chunks out there on the roads. You DO NOT want to be next a rig when one of those blow. You don’t want to be tailgating a rig when one of those blow. So the lesson here is keep a safe distance away on ALL sides of a truck and trailer.  If we knew exactly when a tire was going to go we would replace it before hand.

With tires in mind, anytime you see something odd on a truck and trailer like a tire going flat or wobbling, its not a bad idea to try and let a driver know. Like Ive said before, if we don’t see it, we probably don’t know whats going on. As the trees and vegetation dries out you should say something about sparks from a dragging chain or something also. I know its tough to yell through a window but if you happen to have a CB radio most truckers monitor channel 19. 

BTW… there isn’t NEARLY as much CB radio chatter as there use to be back in the 80s. Oddly enough, most truckers tell me they stay off of it because its usually full of drivers that think theyre comedians and all they say are smart ass remarks. Cell phones has pretty much killed the CB chat. Its still handy. We usually turn it on in traffic jams so we can figure out whats going on and what lane we should be in to avoid whatever happened.

So what does all of this have to do with people hating truck drivers? 

Well, for one, all of those things I listed about how to drive around a truck with your car most people wont want to do and they already feel they own the road so they don’t want a truck driver ruining it for them. There’s one hater.

Another is that warehouse worker in shipping or receiving when we show up late because of any one or more of things that could have happened to us on the road. I understand that they have a schedule to keep. We all do. But  we represent extra work for them. Either they have to reschedule help or have to ask other workers to work our truck now that were there. Or even worse if we show up and that makes everybody have to stay later than what theyre scheduled. This equals potentially a whole warehouse full of haters 
And now,  if pulling those workers off another load and truck driver waiting to go, now THAT driver hates you and the driver after that and the driver after that….

Other truck drivers also hate you because youre physically in their way and its taking you an extra 30 seconds to park. Or you represent potentially taking a job away from them. The whole “competition” thing in truck driving is incomprehensible for me.
I had a driver snap at me “ya just had to take up the whole area?!?” at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere and the only problem was that he couldn’t walk STRAIGHT to the door of the fuel station and actually had to walk around about 1/3 of our trailer while we got ready to leave. I suppose he had a gripe. But you do run into the proverbial grumpy driver. I just listed a bunch of stuff to be grumpy about. We try not to be the grumpy drivers. Maybe that automatically happens with experience.

SO, yeah, we witness a lot of hate out here. Luckily its not everywhere nor all the time. There are the times complete strangers act like you’re long lost relatives or close friends.
And we also still get to experience the beauty and wonder of this country we live in. I’ve said it before that pictures or videos just do not to the scenery justice. You have to go out and experience it first hand. And if you actually get paid to do it: BONUS!
/Remember, if you didn’t grow it a truck driver brought it to you. And chances are, a truck driver brought the seeds for you to grow it.

Until next time,
Keep the clean side up and the dirty side down. 
Drive on!

"our" Blue 2010 Kenworth T660 and trailer