Trying to keep busy

As of this date I am no longer involved with the Southern Lights Revival/ A-Train and The Po' Boys project. I wanted to just play congas and for SOME reason they insisted I play bass. Oh well....

So to keep me busy playing I have recently become involved with two projects. One brand new, the other, replacing a bassist leaving for greener pastures.
 First is the "new" one which is a Journey tribute band. No, Im not the lead singer but I have discussed that if we take a promo picture I should stand out front like we are trying to copy the existing Journey. It's not supposed to be an every weekend kind of band so that suits me fine.  The other project is playing bass for an established classic rock band in Indy: Crambone . If you watch some of the videos and check out the pictures you will see that this is NOT your run-of-the-mill cover band. They also dont play every weekend so between these two projects and still keeping my King James and The Verses band I should be able to keep myself busy. Hopefully not TOO busy.

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