The New Life

Once again life happens and I neglect writing here. I may not actually write much but I will post pictures. After all a picture is worth a thousand words isnt it? Ill be posting about 50 or 60 thouands worth then.

Deanna and I "officially" team drivers for Bulldog Trucking company and we drive over the road EVERYWHERE in the connected United States. So far we havent driven through Southern California yet to visit family but it will happen soon I hope. The longest we've been away from home so far has only been a few weeks. If it weren't or the grandson we stay out even longer. We have taken Tristan on a run with us to Georgia and then to Oklahoma and back. Pooh, our rescued pitbull, is with us on the road all the time. It's an adventure everyday and like we've been saying, "It's a new job and we're just waiting for it to be "work"
Music-wise Im home once or twice a month to do Crambone shows.
Thats pretty much it in a nutshell...enjoy the pics

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