The Environmentally Conscientious Observer

Oddly enough, the more driving around we do the more aware we become of how much we as a being are destroying the planet we live in. Any choice we make to try and correct anything will be too late for me. Probably too late for my daughter. Possibly in time for our grand son to see.
Case in point:
What do you see here?  It looks innocent enough but those dark spots in the parking areas are what I want to draw your attention to. Chances are you have one in your driveway also. 
These particular ones are in a Rest Area on the TRUCK side. There's 40 marked parking spaces. 
Would you drink the water that runs off this parking lot after it rains? Would you even put that water in your aquarium if you had one? 
The reports are out that since the 70s we have lost 50% off all living creatures in our oceans. This innocent parking lot is but one of the reasons. When this parking lot gets rained on the water drains eventually into the ocean and or other water marshes near by.
Technically every vehicle parking here is breaking a law. No vehicle whether its a passenger car or a Semi-Truck  is allowed to "leak" any fluids onto the road but water. 
This mini slick of oil and/or diesel and/or anti freeze mixture runs off into our water ways which gets to any fish or crustacean we decide to eat.....if they live. And as we now know, more than half have already died off. 
Again, I doubt anything will be done in my lifetime to fix this. Theyre not going to stop trucking. I TRUCK. I see EXACTLY how this industry pollutes. This is but one little rest stop just south of Jacksonville Florida. Florida has HUNDREDS of these rest stops. And thats not counting the Truck stops like Pilot, LOVES or TA. Those have over a hundred parking spots each.
Its both sad and scary to think that we are either destroying life in the oceans by pollution or if its alive we are eating it. What are we supposed to do, stop eating lobster. crab,salmon, tuna, sword fish etc.? What about all those reports that were supposed to eat MORE fish?
Sooner or later (hopefully LOTS later) we will run out of food in our oceans. As it is we have not slowed down creating more mouths to feed. On the contrary there are Millions of people out there that INSIST on creating more and more and yet we have no answer for how to feed everyone. I understand why we have GMO food. Its the ONLY way we can "grow" food rapidly and efficiently enough to try and accommodate the population. Yes,some GMOs cause cancer but not until later.
And if we continue to create people that are raised on GMO foods perhaps theyll develop an immunity to a GMO induced cancer. Maybe THATs what Monsanto is striving for.  

But as far as the oceans and fish go, theres the  controversy of eating "wild caught" or "farm bred" fish. I think we see where thats eventually going to be JUST farm bred. And pretty soon they wont even be able to have those farms in our oceans. Theyll have to be on land somewhere to control the water.   

When I think about all this I realize that the humans are not the most powerful beings on this planet. Are they the most intelligent? Maybe. But the way we use technology shows us that we are smart enough to create technology but we are not smart enough to use it properly. 
If it's not "God" I think there are higher beings that drop us little hints or ideas to try and help us and then we get a hold of it and go totally the wrong way with it. Like the whole cell phone technology. Possibly the greatest invention of the century but maybe it really wasnt meant to just talk and text to each other. Do we really think the cell phone was created so that we could take selfies? Im sure if it was handed down to us from a superior being they having a BIG laugh on how were using cell phones while driving and killing each other. Somewhere there is a technology God either laughing his ass off or scratching head wondering why were all idiots down here. He or she has to be wondering why every gift they give us we manage to kill each other with it. I have to wonder that as vast as our universe is, maybe Earth is the Detroit or Cleveland or Jersey of the universe and this is where they throw shit that doesnt work on other planets.

I kind of strayed from polluting the oceans but that is the question: Why do we knowingly continue to destroy the only planet we have?
Id like to think that all the wildlife in both Land and Sea will come back as soon as Humans are done with it. It we stop dumping and eating everything oin the oceans I would like to think it will eventually replenish itself. What has to happen for that to come about? 
Sadly, no more humans. We are the ONLY ones destroying the planet. We are eating ourselves out of house and home. Who else can you blame? Polar Bears? Lions? The Apes? Great White Sharks? All of those creature were here before Man. Man has only been around for a few thousand years. What do you see for man in the next 4 -10 thousand years?  A better iPhone?
Even HIGHER definition TV? 
How about safe food and water?
And back to the possibility of a higher being.... What if they never meant for any person to live beyond 40 years old? What if thats happening by accident?
Its like a big SIMS game isnt it? 


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