Now NO band!

And just like that Im currently not playing and/or officially a member of any band. Trucking was down for us a couple of months I got busy hanging out once again at R&R Music and playing numerous genres or music with TIMESLIP, DAVE MUSKETT, KENNY HAVENS, and the mighty BIG DADDY CADDY. But once again "it" calls and we are out on the road. This time with our OWN truck and leasing our services to LANDSTAR. So far its been GREAT.
 Today I write this in a hotel room in Carson, CA and thats pretty much what Ive been waiting for: the ability to drive into So Cal and make a delivery or pick up AND spend time with family. Today, on our time off, before the pickup we ran around the Long Beach and Redondo Beach area with my sis Cora and her husband Ron. Also spent time rediscovering where we lived for about a year in San Pedro, CA. Our old military housing is now a barred up window low income housing project. Also visited our old Barton Hill Elementary School. Its always funny how things like your old school seemed SO much larger than they are.
In short, I can see us trying to pick up a dedicated route through here soon!

Thats all for now. This website has been down for a bit because I havent been paying attention to email notifications telling me it was about to expire. I just got it back up again and thought Id at least write some thing new in here.

oh...I should mention that Donald Trump is our President Elect now....

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