It's 2015 and a whole New Year !

Sorry for the absence but you know how things get.

Let's see.... whats been going on in the Jimmy V world?

Since last blog I've become the bass player for Indianapolis 80's Metal cover band CRAMBONE and keeping with my blues roots I am also the bassist for award winning Indiana Bluesman Dave Muskett. 
Since pictures are "worth a thousand words" here are some pics of CRAMBONE: all of the CRAMBONE pics are by photographer Bill Iles


and here's one of Dave Muskett

in non-music news I have decided to get my CDL and become an "Over The Road" truck driver. I always loved seeing North America from the driver's seat of the Kelly Richey bus so I might as well get paid to do it !  The plan is still to be playing music with Crambone, Dave Muskett, and even King James and The Verses but it will definitely hinder my availability to students and R&R Music. Hopefully we'll get enough experience behind the wheel to do some of both.  

On a sad note we had to goodbye to our beloved BHanna this year.

don't believe everything they say about "what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger..."  It is NEVER easy to let your loved one go

And that's what's new for 2015 so far....

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