My newly acquired Fender Squire Vintage Modified bass

I’m going to go ahead and do a review of this Fender Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass: 
Oh... you want details? 
I’ve mentioned before my attraction to getting a short scale bass has been due to…


Truck headaches galore ?

Well, our Kenworth broke down again. Probably computer issues handling the emission controls.  

I think it is officially to the comparable point that if I were still touring in a band and I had to borrow or rent an…



I thought I would go ahead and place all of my #BookOfJiimmy ramblings on Facebook and Twitter in one place. Enjoy

..."A trio of young teens, two black dudes and one white dude, came up to the door to…


Buh Bye Social Media!

Well , I’ve done it. I’ve rid myself of the burden of all social media sites. Sure you can call my website a social media site and if that’s the case, this will be the only one. I will still…

A Blast From The Past

Hey! Its been a long time!

I am motivated to write here because of some old band pics showing up on Facebook and because of my good friend, Paris Brown is now the drummer for the project band TIMESLIP…


Now NO band!

And just like that Im currently not playing and/or officially a member of any band. Trucking was down for us a couple of months I got busy hanging out once again at R&R Music and playing numerous genres or music…


Well, it was inevitable. If we're not going to be out driving the rig throughout North America I was bound to land in a musical project.
the band is called TIMESLIP. A great bunch of guys headed up by singer/songwriter/guitarist…

We're down for a while

"Down" meaning we're not driving. We are currently trying to purchase the truck we've been driving for ourselves and will become "official: owner operators !
That process takes around a month to do so in the meantime, Deanna diligently(stressfully) works…

Rest Area

Conveniently placed along the interstates and some highways are “Rest Areas”. Usually spaced around 50 miles or so apart . Sometimes they are the only sign of civilization for miles and miles. A trucker gets to know most of them…

First Year of Driving The Big Rig

My First Year of Driving The Big Rig As of this writing it is April 12, 2016 and Deanna and I have been CDL holders for about a year. We have approximately 90,000 miles behind the wheel team driving. Two…

The Environmentally Conscientious Observer

Oddly enough, the more driving around we do the more aware we become of how much we as a being are destroying the planet we live in. Any choice we make to try and correct anything will be too late…

We Are Truckers!

Greetings from “the Road”

If you havent figured it out by now, WE ARE TRUCKERS!
We are soon to be in our six month of driving the Kenworth OTR (over the road) and it is STILL a blast!

When I…